Brett Keisel Photo Gallery

October 5, 2014- Jacksonville game393 views"Thank you soooo much Brett Keisel for throwing your arm band to me in Jacksonville! I literally had goosebumps! It means the world to me! Thanks again!"- Alexis Langel
Fan Photos467 viewsHello, my name is Amanda Heckathorn and I just wanted to let Brett know I'm so thankful for him signing my jersey. I'm from pittsburgh but we came down to watch the game in Charlotte.
September 2014- Heinz Field396 viewsthank you for remembering me every year!: - Amber Navalaney
Fan photos- Brett Berkihiser410 views"Me and my boy getting ready for 2 hour drive to game tonight. He will be sporting Brett's jersey he wore in London last year and the skull cap and arm bands Brett game him in Green Bay last year...good to see a true professional back on the field."- Brett Berkihiser
2014 Fan Photos411 viewsFrom Bethany Karwowski: "Steelers fan all the way from Texas!!! He's ready to go with his uncles to the Steelers and Buccaneers game!"
August 2014- Bobbi Fries423 views"My daughter, Juliana, was thrilled that "her guy" came over to her. She is 4 and my husband and I brought the kids for their 1st visit to Heinz Field. It was also Juliana's first game. My 13yr old, Jakob, was at last years game when Brett threw us the cleats. I'd say that both kids are awfully blessed to have such great memories of their first games. My son is next to Juliana. He was in awe of Brett! Please extend our thanks and admiration to Brett for continuing to be a stand up guy. "-Bobbi Fries
October 5, 2014- Jacksonville game395 viewsTalk about a die-hard fan:
"Drove over 850 miles to finally meet this man!!!! He's my hero!!"- Carli Klick

Thanks Carli!
Inpex Invention Show 2015364 viewsClint H (@clintpghgrapher) gets items signed by Brett at the Inpex Invention Show
Welcome to Steeler Nation, Keisel408 views"My girlfriend and I just had a new baby boy. We decided to name him Keisel after #99. We liked the name and because he is named after one of my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers players and because Brett is a beast and I like how he donates tons of money to his charity by shaving his beard. He is an all around good guy and I want to raise my kid to do everything he can to help people. "- Cody, Shannon and Keisel
September 20, 2014- Chapel Service at Transformation Church451 viewsLead Pastor Derwin Gray was asked to preach at the Steelers Chapel Service. He is the Lead Pastor of Transformation Church. Author of Limitless Life (Thomas Nelson); Former NFL Player.
"My son Jeremiah & his friend Vaughn, Mason Veal, Rubio just took picture with Brett Keisel after Steelers chapel!"- Derwin Gray
2014 Fan Photos376 viewsDora Elizabeth sent this from Regios de Acero...Monterrey México.
August 2014- Bobbi Fries429 viewsI wanted to forward 2 pictures that I have from the 8/28 preseason game. Brett was kind enough to come over and sign the cleats that he threw to us at the Carolina preseason game last year."-Bobbi Fries
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