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Fan Photos293 viewsJimmy Rizos captured a great moment between Keisel and Hines Ward.
Fan Photos165 viewsJimmy Rizos with the great photo of 99 and 86!
Fan Photos153 views"I took my family to our first Steelers game last Sunday.... it was Awesome!!!! The best family event ever!!! A special occasion that we will never forget. Kept my 6 and 9 year old out of school Monday to recover. Very impressed with the the interaction of Brett with the fans as he circled the stadium walking and stretching his arms, he took time to give a lot of folks high fives. I wanted to pass along a few pics of Brett greeting his old team mate Mr. Ward... Jimmy Rizos
September 4, 2012- Heroes at Heinz Field150 views“To be around these guys that sacrificed their lives and everything you hold dear, family, friends, where you live."- Keisel
September 4, 2014- Heroes at Heinz Field142 views"Thanks Brett! Respect Da Beards!"- Burke Fralic
September 4, 2012- Heroes at Heinz Field138 views"It’s humbling being around them. It’s great to talk to them, share stores and listen to their stories about war and things people don't think about. "- Brett

September 4, 2014- Heroes at Heinz Field138 views"Special thanks to Brett Keisel, it was great to meet you... made our night!"- Katie Milo
September 4, 2014- Heroes at Heinz Field127 views"#99 with my brother Noah Holland". - Burke Fralic
2013 Season123 viewsPhoto: Adam Orbell
September 20, 2014- Chapel Service at Transformation Church115 views"Just met Brett Keisel!! #FearTheBeard- Mason Veal (acallme_elgrande)
September 4, 2012- Heroes at Heinz Field103 viewsBrett and many of his teammates attended the 7th Annual Heroes at Heinz Field.
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