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October 24, 2014- vs. Colts805 viewsNothin' but love from our DE's! 99 & 97
November 2, 2014- vs. Ravens793 viewsBrett telling his teammates to think and use their head as fights broke out between the two teams.
May 22, 2016- Penguins Playoffs-Game 5791 viewsKeisel with Shawn Michaels and the HBK sandwich craze creator-Zakk.
Courtney Gishwiller760 views"Loving my new shirt!"
December 14, 2014- vs. Atlanta757 viewsBrett Keisel signing my terrible towel and he let me touch Da Beard!-- Brittnay Carran
December 28, 2014- vs. Bengals756 viewsKeisel, during the National Anthem.

Photo: Steelers
May 22, 2016- Penguins playoffs-Game 5752 viewsBrett and Shawn Michaels (WWE)-AKA HeartBreak Kid chow down on Primanti Bros. HBK sandwich. Mr. Michaels is in town to cheer on the Pens for game 5.
November 2, 2014- vs. Ravens748 viewsEC Wilkinson captures a great shot of friends and teammates, Brett and James Harrison.
Erin Hazzard737 views"I got my shirt today! As a survivor myself, I'm glad that the proceeds actually go to breast cancer research unlike so many other "pink" things. Brett is not only an amazing player, but an amazing person. I wear this proudly!"

Go Erin!
October 24, 2014- vs. Colts728 viewsDa Beard and Joey Porter celebrating a great game.
December 14, 2014- vs. Atlanta725 viewsShout out to Brett Keisel for the autograph!- Anthony
February 4, 2015- Shear Da Beard V724 viewsTeresa Varley captures a nice photo of Brett with James Farrior, Ike Taylor, Casey Hampton & Joey Porter.
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